Golden Retriever

Double Coated Dog Breeds

Which Dogs Have Double Coats? You can probably pick a double-coated dog mostly from the description above. Of course there’s the dogs that work in all weathers such as the sheepdogs and huskies, then there’s the Shih-Tzu’s or Havanese that

Dog Grooming

Double Coated Grooming

How do I Groom a Double Coated Dog? If you are grooming your own beloved double coated dog, then make sure you know what to do. A double coat needs regular grooming to keep it mat-free. I’ve seen examples where

Double Coated Dog Diet

Double Coated Diet

What can I feed my dog? While the quantity varies between smaller toy breeds and larger Newfoundlands for example, there are some basic essentials to ensure your pooch has a happy, healthy life. The first sign of poor nutrition shows


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