Our Family

Our Japanese Spitz

My partner and I are the proud owners of a Japanese Spitz whom we’ve raised from a pup. We wanted a companion dog that had a great temperament, didn’t need excessive amounts of exercise, wasn’t too large, and had an instant connection. We firstly tried rescue missions and dog homes, but after six months of trying, we were getting no-where. Every time a new dog was listed, it was snapped up, and even dogs that were new but not listed weren’t available yet and frustratingly they wouldn’t let anyone leave their name to contact. So we decided to change tactic and look online at the different breeds, and select two or three that sat well with our criteria and peaked our interest. Then we started searching for dog breeders around our area to see what was available. Now reducing the search to just one breed, we could see the puppies were being snapped up fast, so we rang and organised to meet with two beautiful pups – the only ones left from a litter of eight. Both were so adorable play fighting with each other in the pen. When one looked up at us, we knew that was the one we would choose as they both looked identical. The rest is history so they say, but our boy has been and still is very much what we wanted, and more. This is why I wanted to share and shed some information for anyone wanting to know more about double coated dogs.

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