The Five Worst Preservatives and Additives in Dog Food

Dog Food Preservatives and Additives

In our modern world, there are more and more dog food products coming onto the market. While some of these have minimal food additives and preservatives, most have ridiculous amounts of preservatives that are bad for your double coated dog. Let’s take a closer look at why preservatives are added and which are the worst.

Preservatives are added to foods to extend the shelf life not only for pet shops and supermarkets, but also for you at home – especially if you buy in bulk. They essentially stop the fats from going off and decomposition of certain meat products.

When my partner found out that the Pomeranian dog he cherished developed a huge cyst on its’ backside, he quickly took it to the vet where upon it was discovered to be an aggressive tumour caused by continued use of foods containing preservatives and additives as seen below. Changing the diet wasn’t going to help at this late stage, so the dog passed away within three months. Don’t let this happen to your beloved double coated dog. Educate yourselves on natural foods and natural preservatives in those foods, and especially what to stay away from when shopping for dog food and dog treats.

Dog Food Preservatives and Additives

The five worst preservatives and additives in dog food are:-

1. Ethoxyquin – Did you know it doubles as a toxic pesticide and has possible side effects including liver problems and blood issues.

2. Butylated Hydroxyanisole (BHA) – Used in deodorants, sunscreen, fragrances, hair and cosmetic products, and petroleum products. While there have been links to certain cancers, there is no definite conclusion of this. However, just looking at the type of products it is linked to, it’s best to stay clear.

3. Tertiary Butylhydroquinone (TBHQ) – When you read that this is used to not only stabilise explosives, but also be involved in the process of making varnishes, resins, and lacquers, it’s no wonder that it’s linked to damaging a dog’s DNA profile as well as being suspected of contributing towards stomach tumours.

4. Propylene Glycol – used to keep dog biscuits or kibble moist, it’s actually used in antifreeze, lubricants, and ink. When a dog has ingested or been poisoned by too much of the compound, it can show signs of increased thirst, increased urination, central nervous system depression, seizures, and vomiting. It can also cause renal failure and damage to the liver.

5. Propyl Gallate – Used in food packaging and to stabilise cosmetics. It is believed to contribute towards prostate inflammation, tumours, decrease in sperm count in male dogs and affect the developing foetus in females.

There are many others to be aware of, perhaps to a lesser level. But this list shows the importance of giving your dog the best natural foods available. There are natural preservatives out there, and a much larger variety of naturally-based dog foods for your double coated dog. We are responsible for their health and well-being. We are the ones who feed them. So let’s reject the bad foods, and enjoy many years with our ‘best friends’.

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