The Top Seven Cool Tips for Cooling down Your Dog

Double Dog Cooling Off

1. The Water Bowl.

The first obvious tip is to keep your treasured pup hydrated. Always have a water bowl within reach for your dog throughout the day and night. You may need one inside and one outside depending where he or she is for extended periods of time, and always check to make sure there is enough water to keep your beloved going. Adding a couple of ice cubes can also help cool the water for an extended period.

2. The Frozen Treat.

I find frozen treats are great on really hot day when the temperature goes sky-high. Sticking to a natural diet for my dog, I freeze natural tuna juice in ice cube containers – he goes wild for them. He also likes skinned cucumbers and bananas, so cutting them in half first, I put them into containers and grab one as I need it. You could also put some homemade natural soup or broth (no bones) into popsicle moulds or ice cube trays.

3. Water Fun.

We are lucky enough to live a couple of minutes from the beach, so taking our dog down to have some fun running in and out of the water is relatively easy. However, not everyone lives near an ocean, lake or river. A great idea is to turn on the hose outside and play a spraying game or if you’re so inclined, purchase a little paddling pool for your pups to jump and splash in and out of.

4. Grooming.

While you should be grooming throughout the year, summer is the time when matted fur can cause problems for our double coated friends. Not only does matted fur irritate them, but it doesn’t let the wind and air penetrate through their coats allowing their skin to breathe and cool. Their top layer hairs act as a guard against sunburn and heat, so DON’T shave them. They will love you for keeping their fur healthy and them comfortable.

5. Proper Shade.

Is your dog outside during the day? Make sure there is adequate shade for him or her to lie about in such as the kennel, trees, shade sails, or umbrellas. You could even put up a tent. Ensure you know which direction the sun travels throughout the day so there are enough shade traps around the yard. And you could even purchase a solar-powered fan strategically placed to maximise air flow.

6. A Comfortable Cool Surface.

The obvious choice here is a cool tiled floor or linoleum. Even wooden floor boards or polished concrete. They are great cooling platforms, but you can also put a towel in the fridge for half an hour and pop it in their bed or rub them down with it.

7. Pooch Products

Did you know there are a whole range of cooling vests, collars, pads, and beds on the market. To protect your dog’s paws against the harsh concrete, asphalt, or other hot surfaces, there are even breathable dog boots.

Put yourself in their shoes (or boots). Would you like to be tied up to a post in the scorching sun, locked in a car with no windows down, or taken for a walk along boiling pavements. It’s common sense, but something you perhaps take for granted until you are faced with it. 

Follow these sure fire tips for keeping your double-coated dog cool and comfortable in Summer

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