The Ultimate Fun Bucket List for Dogs

Star of the Dog Show

How many of you have dreams of traveling or getting out of your comfort zone and doing something extreme or different? With most of us confined to our own country at the moment and changing our travel plans to incorporate our own backyard, now’s the perfect time to include and indulge your best friend as well. There are so many fun things you can do with your double-coated bestie besides playing fetch – so let’s check out some awesome ideas.

1. The Ruff, Ruff, Road Trip – How awesome would it be to discover new towns and villages, driving across miles of scenery, even spotting cattle, horses, and other animal life that your double coated dog would love to spot and bark ‘hello’ at. You can also take heaps of photos featuring your dog as the road-trip mascot at road signs, in front of major attractions, and resting in the back seat.

2. Pooch Palace – Whether you are going on a major road trip or just an overnight escape, check out what’s available for you and your dog. You may find that a camping trip is just what you need to bond all over again with your favorite pal. Air BNB has opened up many more avenues for our best friends to stay as well.

3. Four-Legged Film Star – Does your double coated dog love attention? Does he or she react well in social situations? And your doggie has a clean bill of health? Then look no further – this may be their calling. There are always roles coming up for extras, and if you’re lucky enough, perhaps that elusive starring role.

4. Change of Scenery – Every day we take our dogs on walks similar to both of us – in fact, how many of us have lost count of the times we have taken the same route or two. Why not change it up and take them either to the beach for a welcome splash in the ocean or out into the woods for a jaunt through flora and fauna. This will heighten their senses and they will love the exciting new smells, visual distractions, and having fun with their favorite person/people in the whole wide world.

5. Canine Canoeing – Take your calm and well-behaved pal on a canoe or kayaking adventure with you and check out nature at its best.

6. Music Maestros – Does your double coated dog like to sing or have you ever thought of sharing your fave tunes with them to see if they react in a positive way? You may just have the next Snoop Dog or Three Dog Night on your hands…and perhaps they could become famous on social networks – which leads me to the next item….

7.  Star of Their Own Show – If you have the time, and your dog loves a lot of attention (and most do), how about creating your dog’s very own Instagram account or Youtube channel and start recording a video and photographic blog capturing all the quirks and unique parts of their persona.

Dog and Kitten Friends

8. And Kitten Makes Three – I know my beloved Japanese Spitz ‘Zach’ loved being introduced to our housemates new kitten. He was careful with her, wanting to get to know her more, and as they grew up together, they formed an amazing bond, sleeping together, eating together, and playing together – usually with the kitten winning as Zach didn’t want to hurt her. He helped guard her against any other dogs or unwanted cats in the back yard, and in return she was the warning bell for him to come inside when thunder storms approached.

9. Pedigrees in Public – There are a growing number of stores that let you bring your bestie along. It’s not just pet shops, but includes hardware stores, cafes and clothing stores. Perhaps they could offer their opinion on what you think would look or taste good!

10. Essential Escorts – If you are looking for someone to share your life and your dogs with, make sure you take your personal confidant along so they can give you feedback on how they feel around the new person. Dogs won’t hold back on what they sense and think. A big thumbs up is if they get on well with your date. I know my boy doesn’t like certain people, and he won’t let them pat him as he doesn’t sense an authentic connection with them. Fair enough.

11. Baking a Bone-Shaped Treat – Go online and find some great wholesome doggie treats you can enjoy making with your dog, and I’m sure if he or she is good – they will probably get to lick the bowl!

12. Learning a New Activity – If you’re thinking of taking up a new sport or hobby, consider something that involves your best friend as well. Paddle boarding, sailing, joining a hiking group, even learning how to massage – your double coated dog will be the ideal willing participant.

13. Give Back to the Community – Our double coated family members are usually the center of attention wherever they go, in fact any time I take my Japanese Spitz out and there are people about, they always comment and want to pat him. So, if your dog likes to socialize and be the center of the universe, why not help those less fortunate and organize to visit either kids with disabilities, nursing homes, or people suffering from depression or other medical issues. The joy dogs can bring to people is amazing, and it’s not a hard ask.

14. Canine Close-Up – Want to plan well ahead for Christmas, then look no further. Design a fun-filled calendar featuring none other than the star of the family – in various poses and seasons. Think beyond the usual monthly feature, I’m sure you will have dozens of pics to choose from, so do a weekly calendar and get all those cute, quirky, and unprepared pics into a wall or desktop calendar for all to see. Alternatively, you could design your own online book using all the pics you gather along with witty anecdotes. You will ofcourse have to spend more time with your bestie – oh what a shame…LOL.

Muddy Dog

15. Down and Dirty – Spend some time getting all wet and muddy with your dog – it doesn’t happen much (if ever) and if they are due for a doggie wash, then it’s an ideal time to treat them to a fun time rolling round and enjoying nature at its best.

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