70 Cool Names To Give Your Double Coated Dog

Choosing a Dog Name

We all want to give our beloved dog an awesome name – but it needs to be something we won’t feel embarrassed saying in public, it needs to roll off the tongue with ease, and make us proud of our choice. There are too many over-used names out there (E.G. Fido, Buddy, Rocky, Bella, or Buster), yet there are so many other great, unique names to give your own puppy that I have decided to research and compile 70 cool names to give your double coated dog.

Aamu – A Finnish name meaning ‘morning’.

Angus – Scottish Gaelic background meaning ‘one strength’.

Archie – Of German origin meaning ‘truly brave’.

Arizona – Translates to meaning ‘little spring’.

Avalon – Of Celtic origin meaning ‘island of apples’.

Ayo – An African dog name meaning ‘full of joy’.

Bacio – From the Italian word meaning ‘kiss’.

Baek – Meaning brother in Korean, this is a great bonding name between dog and owner.

Baraq – Hebrew for ‘flash of lightning’.

Beaumont – French name which means ‘beautiful mountain’, or Beau means ‘handsome’.

Beldoin –  French name meaning ‘brave friend’.

Beowulf – Name of the legendary Scandinavian hero.

Berkley – A boy or girl’s name meaning ‘birch tree meadow’.

Birger – Meaning ‘help, save, or rescue’.

Blaze – Ideal for a dog with a stripe on the face. It stands for ‘ambition and righteousness’.

Blogger – Great name for a dog that will be an online star.

Brie – Great for both female and male, and like the cheese – soft fur and creamy coloring.

Caspian – A romantic name used by C.S. Lewis for his character Prince Caspian.

Clapton – Named after the musician Eric. Perhaps there are others you might like.

Dakota – Great and unbeatable fighter.

Dante – Latin for ‘enduring’.

Danton – Means ‘praiseworthy’.

Denver – English for the one who is ‘born in a green valley’.

Devak – ‘Divine’ in its meaning, its origins hark back to India/Bengali.

Dex – Meaning ‘dyer; right-handed’, used as a name means lots of energy and dynamism.

Dom/Dominick – Latin name meaning ‘belonging to God’.

Egon – German name meaning ‘strong with sword’.

Eskimo – Named after the people who live in white polar regions wearing furry coats.

Étienne – French name meaning ‘crown’.

Fergus – Scottish origin meaning ‘man of vigour’.

Flint – There are many different meanings around the world, but the one I like is ‘unique’.

Gadget – Like Inspector Gadget, this name gives rise to a dog that likes to sniff out and explore.

Garin – German origin means ‘warrior’.

Gojo – Name of the first kingdom of Korea (Gojoseon), means holding a sense of nobility or carry an air of royalty to them.

Hamish – Of Scottish origin, meaning supplanter (taking the place of another).

Hariow – From the Anglo-Saxon meaning ‘army hill’. Also 1930’s blond actress Jean Harlow.

Hugo – Of German, Spanish, and Portuguese origin. This boy’s name means ‘mind, intellect’.

Ishtar – The goddess of love and war in Babylonian and Assyrian times.

Ivor – From Scandinavian and Old Norse origin, and meaning ‘archer, soldier’.

Jax – Anyone or any dog with this name is of Godlike stature.

Jet – Quick and swift just like a fast plane, or from the shade of black.

Juno – Goddess of the Roman state and wife of Jupiter.

Kamon – Thai name for ‘heart and mind’.

Logan – Of Gaelic origin meaning ‘hollow’. In Chinese, it means ‘little hollow’.

Malena – Swedish origin meaning ‘from the tower’ or Scandinavian ‘woman of Magdala’.

Manet/Monet/Matisse/Toulouse – Or any famous artist you like.

Miko – A female shaman or priestess.

Mojo –A magical charm or spell.

Obo – Inspired by a small-sized community in the central region of Africa.

Oliver – Meaning ‘olive tree’, symbolizing fruitfulness, beauty and dignity.

Opal – A gemstone of varying colors.

Oscar – Meaning ‘spear of the gods’.

Phoenix – A dog that is uniquely remarkable in some regard or other.

Reiko – A Japanese name that means ‘courteous child’.

Remington – Derived from the Old English ‘hremm’ meaning ‘raven’, in Greek mythology, the raven represents good fortune. Shortened version is ‘Remy’.

Solomon – Of biblical origin meaning ‘peace’ or ‘very wise’.

Spencer – Means ‘someone who gives out goods’.

Spirit – Also known as the ‘soul’, or a dog (male or female) that has lots of energy.

Spudo – From the love of potatoes and Aussie slang for a ‘bogan’.

Suede – Specifically for a double coated dog with a soft undercoat and/or unusual coloring.

Taz – As in the Tasmanian Devil.

Teddy – Means ‘gift of God’, or can refer to anything soft and fluffy.

Tobiah – Hebrew word for ‘God is good’.

Tonto – The Native American sidekick of The Lone Ranger and Spanish for ‘silly’.

Topaz – Like the precious stone, perfect for a dog with dark yellow fur.

Torben – Of Dutch origin meaning ‘thunder bearer’.

Ugo – German name embracing mind, heart, and spirit.

Voltaire – means ‘like a volt of lightning’.

Zach – In Hebrew can mean clean and pure, or a shortened ‘Yitzchak’ meaning he will laugh.

Zane – Meaning ‘God is gracious’.

Cool Names for Dogs

If this list has inspired you to do further research yourself, then think about what is unique to your puppy (E.G. a habit, personal trait, or something about their appearance) and look up the names that represent that quality. Look at names in a different language or get a list from your friends and family and see if there’s one out of those you like the sound of. Whatever you choose, have fun and good luck in finalising your choice.

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